Ladyfest Mannheim Poster exhibition Hey ladyzzzz! at ladyfest mannheim (14. - 16. october 2005) we intend to stage a ladyfest-poster exhibition! an exhibition of ladyfest-posters and other stuff as some kind of documentation of the previous 5 years of ladyfest-movement to carry the idea over some sort of travelling exhibition would be great: the collection could be sent to all ladyfests that are interested ...! to put this in practice we would appreciate if you all could send us your posters resp. your concepts/designs as well as flyers, booklets, buttons, stickers and so on... if possible via post to: ladyfest mannheim c/o schwarzwurzel jakob-binder-straße 10 67063 ludwigshafen in other respects per email (as jpg or gif ) to: [email protected] gender-confusion rocks! thanks for your support ... we are looking forward to receiving mail from y‘all ladyfest-crew mannheim i'm very thin Ladyfest Nürnberg calls for films! we are looking for films/videos for Ladyfest Nürnberg, 16.-18.12.2005, general theme: genders - norms - utopies deadline: 01 November, 2005 contact: karin kröll, denisstr. 68, D - 90429 nürnberg e-mail: [email protected] and [email protected] the films/videos will be screened within the frame of Ladyfest Nürnberg. After this screening, they will be handed over to the video collection of "Bildwechsel" - which is the umbrella organization for women/media/culture in Hamburg, Germany - where they will be archived and made available for those active in media production and research as well as other film-makers and so forth... i'm very thin Ladyfest Turkey News The team is being formed and can be contacted through [email protected] for now. Instanbul or Ankara? Being decided, maybe both! If anyone wants to organize a benefit for the Turkish girls or you are an artist and can perform for free there…please get in touch! i'm very thin Ladyfest Lithuania in Spring 2006? Find out more, support! email: [email protected] i'm very thin Wanna help at Ladyfest Lublin? »We are a group of people (both girls and boys) who want to organize LF in Lublin - the biggest city in eastern Poland (that would be the farthest LF to the east of Europe ever! :)) It's the poorest region of all EU regions and very catholic influenced one at the same time - an ideal place to organize LF in one word! We were to make it happen in April but due to some circumstances we postponed the date to October. It's going to be rather bigger event - 3 days of discussions, workshops, performances, concerts and a disco.« Email: [email protected]